A Part of Me by Vivien Brown

A Part of Me by Vivien Brown

What does it mean to belong?


Vivien Brown’s best-seller Lily Alone, in which a toddler girl is trapped in a London flat, waiting for the return of her mother, explored loneliness and grief and the hopelessness of being alone. I won’t go into the plot, as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who has not read it. It’s a great story.

A Part of Me is a follow-up in terms of the characters, but is very much a stand-alone novel. Once again, the author explores the theme of human emotions, this time concentrating on our need to belong; to a family, to a community.

Lily and her mum Ruby have found their community with Geraldine, Lily’s grandmother, and her new husband William, and are settling down to life in Brighton.

Having grown up in care, Ruby is happy to have a family of her own now. Unlike her chum, Vicky, she was never adopted.

Meanwhile, in a Norfolk village far from Brighton, Beth Hogan is grieving the failure of her marriage, the loss of her beloved adoptive mother and her own failing health – she has chronic kidney disease and needs a transplant.

With her mum gone, there is nothing to stop her searching out her birth family.

And so with the help of her elder son, Jack, she begins her detective work, which soon leads to Brighton, and the little family Geraldine has created for herself …

Compassion and caring shine through

This was a very emotional and heartwarming read.

All the characters are very empathetic – each and every one has made mistakes in their lives, but their compassion and caring shine through in their action towards each other.

When Vicky falls by the wayside (adoption in her childhood hasn’t brought a wholly happy-ever-after) her friends are there to pick her up and dust her down.

Ruby grows in strength and wisdom, and proves herself the best “adoptive daughter” Geraldine could have, despite the fact she never became her daughter-in-law, as they’d both once hoped. But she is still very much open to love.

There is not a huge amount of suspense in this story but the characters pull you in and draw you along as they explore their own needs and desires.

As the story progresses and the two threads of the plot are drawn together, can we hope for a happy outcome for Geraldine and her new family, for Beth and her children?

I can’t give away the ending, but there are surprises to come, not all of them welcome, before the ends are all tied together in a powerful and moving resolution.

This is another heartwarming, sometimes heartbreaking and emotional read from Vivien Brown.

A Part of Me by Vivien Brown is published in paperback and ebook by Bloodhound Books


About the Author

Vivien Brown lives in Uxbridge, Middlesex, with her husband and two cats. For most of her life she has immersed herself in words – as an avid reader, writer, poet, library outreach worker, storyteller, gifter of Bookstart packs to babies and toddlers, creative writing tutor and crossword fanatic. After publishing around 150 short stories in popular UK women’s magazines, she now writes full-length dramatic and relationship-based novels, originally for One More Chapter, now for Bloodhound Books. Vivien is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association (RNA) and a Council member and fellow of the Society of Women Writers and Journalists (SWWJ).

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