After The Rain by Lucy Dillon

After The Rain by Lucy Dillon

A lovely romance that won’t dampen your spirits!


In a warm, funny and emotional story, therapist and counsellor Tara Hunter is great at helping her clients at Longhampton Wellness Centre, but she needs to address some problems of her own.

She’s never come to terms with her father’s abandonment of the family when she was just 10, she misses her twin brother in America, she’s in a relationship with commitment-phobe Phil and she’s recently lost her mother!

In a wonderfully engrossing story that begins and ends with  floods in Longhampton, she navigates her way through all the emotional turmoil in her life – but will she find true healing and happiness?

This was a gorgeous read! I loved Tara as a character – vulnerable in so many ways, yet fun, loyal, loving and committed to her community.

The people who play a part in her story are all such lovely people, too, from the Longhampton therapists (some a bit crazier than others) to her fellow volunteers at the flood crisis centre to her friends and family. Even sexy Phil has his moments!

The plot is well-paced, and the author’s light touch brings a beautiful balance of emotion, humour and pathos to the narrative.

I was left with such a satisfactory warm glow after reading this story.

This is the first Lucy Dillon I’ve read, but I’m definitely going to hunt down more.

After The Rain by Lucy Dillon is published by Penguin and available in paperback and e-book

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