Aria’s Travelling Book Shop by Rebecca Raisin

Will there be a happy-ever-after for this nomadic booklover?

A life on the road beckons for Aria Summer when she joins up with Rosie and Max (of Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop, the first in this series of stand-alone reads) to take her travelling bookshop to France for a summer of festivals lived out of a campervan.

Aria’s an attractive character. A young widow still grieving for husband TJ, she craves romance, but only in the fiction she avidly reads. To embark on a love affair in real life would be a betrayal of her beloved husband’s memory, wouldn’t it?

So when Aria meets author Jonathan, she’s conflicted. A drunken kiss on the eve of her departure from France causes her untold angst, and when she accidentally bumps into Jonathan again in Rouen, she just doesn’t know how to react.

Poor Aria. She believes she’s drawn a line under “The End” of her own story, but life has to go on. Will she ever stop running from her past? Only if she comes to terms with it, and she’ll need some help with that – from her friends, Rosie and Max, from the customers who become friends, and from TJ himself, in the form of the diary he left behind, which his mother has only just sent to Aria.

As she dips into his diary, maybe TJ’s celebration of their love will help Aria accept it’s OK to love again. But how long will Jonathan be prepared to wait?

What a heart-warming, romantic story. Aria, Rosie, Max and Jonathan are all people I instantly took to – free-spirited and caring, they live a charmingly simple life, following their dreams to reality. Even Aria, grieving and conflicted as she is, finds happiness in her books and in her friends.

Then there’s the lovely descriptive writing. As Aria, Rosie and Max make their way through France, we are treated to the delights of Rouen, the Loire Valley, Bourdeaux and Nice – all those chateaus and creamy French cheeses and wine ripen your senses nicely for the romance to come.

As a romantic novel, it fulfils all the readers’ expectations, too. The passion is there from the very first page, in the kiss Aria and Jonathan share, and in their continuing attraction to each other. Aria’s reluctance to love again, and the appearance of a love rival in the form of bitchy Tori, lend the suspense the story needs.

With laughter, tears, sunshine, fun, and books of course, I certainly enjoyed the journey with Aria’s travelling book shop.

Published by HQ Digital in ebook and paperback. Also available in Audible.

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