Daisy by JP Henderson

Can a man called Herod ever be a hero?

The life story of Herod “Rod” Pinkney is a definite must-read as this self-deprecating hero navigates his way through a life that has been sadly lacking in love – until now!

For Herod’s fallen in love with Daisy – but to tell us how this happened he must go back to the beginning.

And so we are introduced to Herod’s parents – who considered him a sad disappointment but considerately left him an extremely rich man. We meet his colleagues at the family firm, and at the art gallery where he subsequently takes a job before a comi-tragic incident puts an end to his career aspirations!

Not that Herod remains idle – time spent doing up his Battersea townhouse leads to new friendships in the shape of handyman Edmundo and his next-door neighbour Donald.

Peruvian ex-partisan fighter Edmundo and Vietnam veteran Donald are just two of the colourful characters that enliven this narrative – Herod loves to go off at tangents, and his descriptions of his various friends and their many adventures add greatly to the already humorous tone of this story.

It’s laugh-out-loud stuff … and yet, at the centre of it all is an essentially lonely man whom we come to care deeply about. He’s naïve and childlike in many ways, and yet he gets to the core of the people around him, learning who to trust and who to give a wide berth to.

But has he really found his soulmate in Daisy? As he sets out to woo her, embarking on the biggest adventure of his life, we can only urge him on.

This story has everything! Great characters, an intriguing plot, humour, compassion and romance. It’s guaranteed to cheer up any Lockdown!

Give it a go, and after you’ve read it, go back to JP Henderson’s first book Last Bus To Coffeeville – this charming roadtrip across America for a motley bunch of friends is equally as good as Daisy.

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