It’s Bookshop Day Today!

It’s Bookshop Day Today!

Is there anything nicer than wandering into your local bookstore to browse the shelves and discover new authors along with old favourites.

The feel, the smell, the sight of all those great books, just waiting to be picked up and explored!

And when you can’t make a choice, there’s always a knowledgable member of staff on hand, or a fellow book-loving browser to guide you to your next book read.

So hurrah for Bookshop Day, celebrated this Saturday, October 9.

We have a gorgeous new bookshop in my local area – it opened during the pandemic, and has gone from strength to strength, which just shows the power and draw of books and the need for a local bookshop.

Support your bookshop by popping in today – or any day. You’ll find there’s lots going on among the bookshelves, along with plenty new books to tempt you.

In addition booksaremybag are hosting their annual reader awards. Head over to their website to discover how you can vote for your favourite books and authors.

Along with the exciting shortlist, you can also nominate your own favourite book of this year.

I’m going to have a hard time choosing! Loved and Missed by Susie Boyt, the heartbreaking story of a mother’s love for her addict daughter and innocent young granddaughter is definitely up there.

So, too, is The Henna Artist by Alka Josh, the story of an independent young woman in the years following India’s own new-found independence from the British Raj. Atmospheric and emotional, it’s a powerful read.

And I can’t forget  Iron Queen by Joanna Courtney, a wonderful reimagining of the tale of King Lear which captures life in Iron Age Britain in a truly thrilling way!

So many books – thank goodness for independent bookshops to hold them all and let us explore them at our leisure!

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