Meet Me When My Heart Stops by Becky Hunter

Meet Me When My Heart Stops by Becky Hunter

A powerful romance from the author of One Moment


Welcome to the blogtour for Meet Me When My Heart Stops by Becky Hunter. I read and reviewed this author’s debut novel, One Moment, last year, and really enjoyed it, so I was expecting great things from her second book.

I’m very happy to say it delivered well – it was another page-turner, impossible to put down, with laughter, tears and heartache along the way.

In One Moment, the story deals with death, and explores the premise that love and friendship continue after we have passed on.

This story takes things one step further and asks if we can fall in love with death itself. For heroine Emery has encountered death many times.

Emery has a condition that causes her heart to stop suddenly at unexpected moments. In the seconds and minutes before she’s revived, she passes over into a twilight place of her own memories, where the enigmatic Nick is always waiting to help her.

As the years pass, and their occasional meetings become longer, living Emery and not-quite-dead Nick form a close bond.

A bond that begins to interfere with her earthly relationships. For who can live up to dead Nick?

Family conflict, friendships and romance

I loved this story so much. The narrative is linear so we follow Emery through all the ups and downs of childhood, adolescence and young adulthood, as she deals with family conflict, romance and friendships that are sometimes be tricky.

The story of her life is interesting in itself, and peopled with lovely characters like her friends, Bonnie and Colin, her sister Amber and her aunt Helen. Emery refuses to let her heart condition hold her back and has plenty adventures, so the pace never stalls between her visits to the afterlife. There’s plenty conflict going on amongst the living as well as the dead, to keep you wholly engrossed.

But for me the very best part of the book was the element of suspense each time Emery met Nick. Would this be the time she stayed? Why is he stuck in Emery’s twilight world?

As his story gradually unwraps itself, the reader’s longing for them both to have a happy ending becomes more and more intense.

A beautiful written romance, unpredictable, heart-breaking and intense – it looks like the exploration of life and love after death may become Becky Hunter’s trademark.

Thankfully, she deals with it with sensitivity and passion, drawing the reader into a world of make-believe that is convincingly real, never depressing and always filled with hope that there are better things to come.

Meet Me When My Heart Stops by Becky Hunter is published by Corvus in hardback and ebook


Author Becky HunterAbout the Author

Becky Hunter worked for many years in London in the publishing industry, before taking a career break in Mozambique, where she volunteered with horses and decided to give writing a go. She now works as a freelance book publicist. Meet Me When My Heart Stops is her second novel.

Find her on X (Twitter) @Bookish_Becky

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Thanks to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours for inviting me on this blogtour and to Corvus for the advance copy of the book.

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