Sad to leave Ramsay Street? Make the move to Riverside.

Sad to leave Ramsay Street? Make the move to Riverside.

As you may know, I read and review books for The People’s Friend, a magazine I worked on for several years, and I’m very familiar with the writing of author Glenda Young.

I first met her as a short story writer, and was soon a convert to her historical sagas, set in the north-east town of Ryhope.

I’ve also visited Scarborough with her in her new series of cosy crime novels.

Along with her books, I’m a fan of her long-running weekly soap series Riverside, which she’s been writing in the Friend for several years.

So I’m delighted to share the news that it’s going Audio for even more people to enjoy!

Riverside is the feel-good story of family, friends and community in a small town, and will be available in bite-sized 15-minute episodes from mid-July.

The show features romance, heartbreak and secrets, as well as gentle wit and humour – all the elements of a classic soap – with a cast of actors already well-known from TV and radio soaps Neighbours and The Archers.

With scripts are adapted and written by Ian Skillicorn from Glenda’s original characters and stories, the series is produced by Wyndham Books, which publishes best-selling fiction from some of the UK and Australia’s best-loved authors.

The cast includes Lisa Armytage of Neighbours fame, and Becky Wright and Toby Laurence from The Archers.

Creator Glenda Young says, “Riverside was inspired by my love of soaps and satisfies my longing to write about a sense of community and friendship.  As much as I love the big dramatic soaps on TV with explosions and drug busts I wanted to write something more down to earth and real. A story about families with a lot of drama thrown in.

“The characters I created on the page are now living, breathing and speaking. Hearing the voices of the characters I’ve created really is a dream come true. I hope that listeners will really enjoy the community of Riverside and feel that they too are part of it all.”

Ian Skillicorn, Writer and Producer, says, “I’ve always been a fan of Glenda’s work, so I jumped at the chance to bring Riverside to the listening public. Writing and producing the audiobook has been a privilege. Riverside’s setting and characters feel very real to me. I hope listeners will enjoy Riverside’s central message of the importance of family, friends and community.”

And a final word from Glenda.

“I will continue to write Riverside for the Friend, too. Oh yes, for as long as the readers enjoy it. It remains the writing highlight of my week. It feels like I’m visiting friends each time I sit down to write it. I love it.”

Riverside will be available from Audible, Amazon and iTunes from Wednesday 27 July.


Discover more about the story, cast and characters  here




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