The Cancer Ladies’ Running Club by Josie Lloyd

Honest, emotional and often surprisingly funny!


You wouldn’t think a story about cancer could raise much laughs, could you? Especially when it’s based on the author’s own experiences.

But writer Josie Lloyd takes what happened to her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago and uses it as a springboard to an imaginative, rich and emotional story of a group of young women with breast cancer.

The main character is Keira, who doesn’t have time for cancer. Between running a successful gift shop, bringing up three young children and keeping up with friends and family, her life is full, rich and happy.

So when she’s told she faces a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy – with no firm guarantees that all will be well – she is naturally devastated.

But help is at hand in the form of Tamsin, a young woman she meets in the park. She, too, has breast cancer, and she encourages Keira to join her and fellow breast cancer patient Amma on their weekly runs. Soon the three women are joined by Sian, a breast cancer survivor, and the four form a strong bond, sharing their ups and downs, their sorrows and joys, and keeping each other going on the long road that lies ahead for them all.

What I really liked about this story is that it’s not all about the cancer, but is a great reminder that life goes on, no matter what it throws at you.

Keira is beset by problems art work, with a business partner who undermines her, overrides her and seems determined to freeze her out. At home, she often finds herself walking a tightrope of emotion, juggling the needs of her husband and three children, who, though supportive, are no angels and don’t always give Keira the time and space she needs to battle her daily challenges.

The plot gathers pace, culminating in a finale that sees Keira reach the finishing line of her treatment. But will she have sorted out her problems along the way? And will all the members of the Cancer Ladies’ Running Club be there to give a cheer?

I really recommend this books. It’s funny, emotional and searingly honest in its matter-of-fact approach to the challenges that Keira faces.

We’re never fooled into thinking that she is just about the cancer – she’s a person, faltering at times but always ready to pick herself up and get going again. While her illness obviously has a profound effect on her, her life goes on in all its glorious ups and downs.

I’ve never met a braver heroine!

The Cancer Ladies Running Club is published in paperback by HQ, RRP £7.99


About the Author

The Cancer Ladies’ Running Club is based on Josie Lloyd’s own experience with breast cancer.  Follow her on Twitter @JosieLloydBooks and Instagram @JosieLloydWriter



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