The Curious Case of Maggie Macbeth by Stacey Murray

A new life in the country

Sparks fly when Maggie Macbeth turns up in the sleepy Peak District village of Archdale. A high-flying lawyer whose career has taken her all over the world, she’s now a victim of the “me-too” generation and has come to lick her wounds with old university chum Cath.

The problem is, Maggie doesn’t much like life in the country. It’s too quiet and there’s not enough to do. She gets under Cath’s feet, upsets locals at the community café, and wallows in self-pity, downing her sorrows in Mucky Duck, the cheap rose wine sold by only pub for miles around!

But gradually, Maggie finds her feet. In between looking for a new job in the corporate world, she begins driving lessons, creates bonds with Cath’s teenage daughter Lauren, engages in lively battles of wits with Cath’s bitchy friend Tiggy and even takes a job at the pub to help out landlord Australian Pete when he has to nip off to the Antipodes.

And as she is drawn into her enforced new life, she discovers that other people have problems, too, that her life skills can be put to just as much good use in a sheriff court as in an oil magnate’s boardroom!

And that despite past tragedy, there is still room for romance in her life.

With great characters, hilarious scenes and the charm of a Peak District setting, this is a warm, funny story with a fantastic heroine at its heart. Maggie sweeps us along on her journey of self-discovery, facing life’s knocks with humour, panache and just the right touch of pathos to keep the reader onside.

Can’t wait to see more from debut author Stacey Murray.

Published by Red Door

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