The Long Way Home by Fanny Blake

The Long Way Home by Fanny Blake

Family bonds and betrayals are explored in this multi-generational story


A novel that explores the importance of the mother/daughter bond, this story begins with the shocking betrayal of a mother when Isla’s mother May, dies, leaving nothing of her considerable estate to her eldest daughter but an old painting.

At 65, Isla should be used to her mother’s rejection as they always had a difficult relationship, but this is the final straw, and she determines to discover just what lies behinds May’s cruel rejection.

In her quest for answers, which takes her the length of Britain visiting old friends and family, she’s accompanied by her granddaughter Charlie, a rebellious teenager who has her own issues with her mother.

By the time they get to Isla’s childhood home, a picture of May’s past has begun to emerge – will it be enough to heal Isla’s hurt, and help her mend bridges with her sisters?

This was such a good story – the plot is well-paced and there is plenty of action to keep you turning the pages both in Isla’s present situation and in the chapters that delve into May’s past when she was working as a  young nanny in Paris.

It’s very character driven and all the main players are allowed to develop as their story is revealed

Isla is such a strong, sympathetic character, and you can’t help but empathise with her right from the beginning. As unlucky in love as she is in her present family predicament, she never becomes cynical or bitter, but holds on to the hope of better things ahead while dealing with her present challenges, that include her wayward granddaughter!

Charlie is a typical teenager who obviously adores her gran but can’t always control her hormonal behaviour.

May, whom I wanted to hate, has her own challenging back story that helps us understand, if not excuse, her behaviour to her eldest daughter.

This is a strong, heartwarming story of the importance of family bonds between mothers, daughter, granddaughters, sisters and even aunts. It engaged my emotions and held my attention right from the first page.

The Long Way Home by Fanny Blake is published by Simon and Schuster in paperback, RRP £8.99

About the Author

Fanny Blake is the best-selling author of contemporary fiction books that explore family, friendships and relationships. Follow her on Twitter @fannyblake1 and find her on Facebook @FannyBlakeBooks

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