The No-Hopers Christmas Club and other festive stories by Geraldine Ryan

The No-Hopers Christmas Club and other festive stories by Geraldine Ryan

A festive feast of Christmassy stories


It’s always a pleasure to post a blog review of a book by an author I’m familar with. As fiction editor of My Weekly, I’ve read and enjoyed so many of Geri’s stories. and it was a pleasure to receive a copy of this collection, all festive themed, which she has brought together from successful submissions in various women’s magazines over the years.

You can tell  straightaway why they were all winners. Each of the eighteen stories is character-led, with strong plots tackling the challenges people face, not just at Christmas, but all year round, like loneliness, loss and unrequited love.

The first story in the book, the titular The No-Hopers Christmas Club, sets the tone with its variety of colleagues who share a workplace in common but very little else – until the new new head of HR instigates a secret Santa, and they all begin to discover things about each other that they’d never guessed in all the years they’ve worked together.

It’s warm, humorous and full of emotion and a very satisfying introduction to the stories that follow.

It would be hard to choose a favourite, but I did particularly like A Soft Touch, a heart-warming story in which a young lad’s good deed for the day reaps benefits for him and its recipient, an elderly man. It was a gentle and thoughtful story that reminded me of how much good there is in the world, and how it can be found in the little things.

Each story is a discovery in itself, and if you’re looking for a gentle, heart-warming  Christmas read, that can be read in one sitting, or picked up and put down between stories, as the mood takes you, then this is definitely the book for you.

Geri’s light touch, combined with gentle humour and perfect understanding of what makes people tick, makes this a happy and joyful read.

It would make a lovely Christmas present, too.

The No-Hopers Christmas Club and other festive stories is available in paperback and ebook from Amazon


About the Author

Geraldine Ryan’s first published story appeared in My Weekly in 1993. Since then, her stories have appeared in Take a Break, Fiction Feast and Woman’s Weekly, as well as in women’s magazines abroad. She has also written two young adult novels – Model Behaviour (published by Scholastic) and The Lies and Loves of Finn (Channel 4 Books.) She has also written an anthology of short stories, Riding Pillion with George Clooney.

Follow her on X @GeraldineRyan


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