The Summer Seekers by Sarah Morgan

Strong characters and an intriguing plot make this story this summer’s must-read!


A road trip becomes a journey of self-discovery as three women of different generations are forced to examine their lives.

When 80-year-old Kathleen decides to fulfil her bucket-wish list of travelling Route 66 from Chicago to California, her daughter Liza is horrified, Undeterred, Kathleen engages the driving services of a young woman, Martha, and sets off on her biggest adventure!

Told from the different viewpoints of Kathleen, Martha and Liza, the narrative explores the different issues in their lives – Kathleen’s never come to terms with the betrayal of a close friend, leaving her unable and unwilling to fully trust anyone with her emotions – not even Liza.

Liza, in turn, deeply affected by her mother’s seeming coldness and ability to disengage, has become a helicopter mother, but is now taken for granted by her husband and daughters, and is in danger of losing her own identity.

Undervalued by her family and her ex, Steven, Martha is a seething mass of insecurities underneath her bright and breezy exterior.

Can the three women help each other? Aware that she’s not always been the best of mothers, and hoping to make amends, Kathleen manipulates her daughter’s situation by offering her a private escape to her home in Cornwall while she’s away.

While there, Liza is able to reflect on her family relationships and decide what she wants to do with her life.

Meanwhile, in the US, Martha discovers she needs Kathleen as much as the older woman needs her, if she is to gain the confidence to take control of her future in the same was as she’s gaining confidence in driving the car.

With three such engaging characters, this story couldn’t fail to enthrall, even without the setting of Route 66 – so familiar in popular culture, yet always with something new to offer … gorgeous scenery, great food, friendly folk, and even, in Martha’s case, a chance for some romance!

There’s an element of mystery, too, in Kathleen’s past relationship with her friend Ruth, who now lives in California. Will Kathleen find the courage to meet up with her to resolve old differences?

This heart-warming story of the importance of family relation offers fun, excitement, adventure and even a hint of danger as it takes us along on Kathleen, Liza and Martha’s emotional roller-coaster ride. It emphasises the importance of being true to yourself and to your dreams, and of never turning your back on opportunities – whether you choose to travel Route 66 or stay at home, you can still take control of your life journey.

The Summer Seekers is published by HQ in paperback, RRP £8.99


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