The Thief of Joy by Stacey Murray

The Thief of Joy by Stacey Murray

A romance with a wicked twist


Thirty-nine year old Roz, single mum of 10-year-old Chloe, can’t help comparing her life to her more successful friends with their high-powered jobs and successful love lives. Her bestie Kate, a high-profile personal trainer, is about to marry the love of her life. Her sister Fiona, a corporate lawyer, lives a life of privilege with her husband and young family.

Poor Roz struggles on, bringing up Chloe in their small terraced house in Buxton, and working at her humdrum job at a local hotel. Even when she finds a new love interest, Daniel, he turns up his toes and dies suddenly, leaving her in a state of limbo. Can she really count herself as bereaved when they’d only gone out on a few casual dates?

Things start to look up when she meets Mark Glaiser. A widower who lost his wife and only daughter in a tragic accident, he is a successful doctor, rich, charming and great with Chloe.

Finally, Roz has something she can boast about to her friends and family. But as flaws apear in their relationship. Roz needs to make strong choices, before matters are taken out of her hands …

A whole new level of suspense

This was a gripping story exploring the reality of the drip-drip feed of toxic relationships and their effects on the people involved.

Roz is a strong and sympathetic character – maybe a bit too wrapped up in her own perceived misery as a “failure” amidst others’ glowing successes, but hey, we’ve all been there.  Her perceptions of herself make it easier to understand why she puts her trust in the first man who comes along after Daniel’s death.

Mark is a far more complex character. It soon becomes clear to the reader that he has some sort of agenda, and the gradual disclosing of his true nature adds a whole new level of suspense to the narrative. We’re never sure how much we can trust him.

He definitely has his issues, but is he worth holding on to, just so Roz can stop comparing her life to her friends.

The title of the book “The Thief of Joy” refers to the malign influence of comparison, of believing the grass is always greener for other people, and it certainly looks as if Roz has let the “thief” into her life, along with Mark.

But maybe, along with the loss of his wife and daughter, he has had things stolen from him too.

As you race your way towards the end, be prepared for some shocking twists and turns in this story of a romance gone sour!

The Thief of Joy by Stacey Murray is published by Hobeck in paperback and ebook


About the Author

A native of Glasgow, Stacey Murray was an international commercial lawyer for many years, in the City of London and in Hong Kong. In 2005, she changed career to become an independent film producer. Her first film, A Boy Called Dad, was acquired by the BBC and nominated for the Michael Powell Award for Best British Film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. She lives in hope – literally, in the village of Hope in the Derbyshire Peak District – with her husband and two rescue dogs.

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