The Wedding of the Year by Jill Mansell

The Wedding of the Year by Jill Mansell

Cover of the wedding of the year by Jill MansellA warm, witty and wonderfully winning romance



It’s bleak January, but just the sight of the golden-glow cover of Jill Mansell’s latest book is enough to cheer me up, with its promise of warmth and sunshine and romance.

I love this author’s books! She knows people inside out, and knows to breathe life into her characters so that they leap from the page fully formed, and ready to be made friends with.

But who’d be my bestie? It’s a dilemma, as I just don’t know who is my favourite character in this book.

Is it Freya, whose wedding to Cameron doesn’t go as planned when someone interrupts the ceremony?

That someone is Ruby, the vicar’s wife, who has been told by her friend Iris that her husband has been having a long-term affair.

Iris is incandescent with rage on her friend’s behalf. Men – they’re all b**stards. Until she finds herself falling for one who is younger, sexy, and only ever meant to be a brief fling.

Meanwhile, Lottie, one of the guests at the wedding is astonished to find herself face to face with her teenage crush, Max. Theirs is a star-crossed story of love – can they ever get together in the face of family disapproval on both sides?

The story follows the four women over the next few months, as they face the challenges that lie ahead.

Freya needs to set a new date for the wedding – but how can she tell Cameron she no longer wants to marry him?

Ruby quickly decides she is well shot of her philandering husband – but the revenge she takes leaves her with more problems when her one-night stand, Richard, reappears in her life.

Iris lies to her boyfriend, Drew, about what she wants from life – but she can’t keep lying to herself.

Lottie doesn’t want to hurt her parents – but for how long can she hold off Max’s advances?

Laughter, tears, friendship and love

Every page of this story is filled with laughter, tears, friendship and love as the women’s various adventures bring them closer to the realisation of what they each need and want from life.

They’re great characters, each with their own strengths and vulnerabilities that make them easy to empathise with and love. They support each other through all their trials and tribulations in the way that women should.

And the cast of supporting characters are great, too. From handsome, oh-so-sure of himself Max, to saintly Cameron to sexy Drew and caring Richard, the men in the story each bring their own emotional strength to the story.

I raced through this story, savouring every bit of the romance and fun, while enjoying the emotional depth and true insight into people’s lives that is Jill Mansell’s trademark.

No wonder she is a Sunday Times best-seller. You know when you pick up one of her books that you’ll be getting a fabulous read, and The Wedding of the Year is no exception.

Cover of the wedding of the year by Jill Mansell

The Wedding of the Year by Jill Mansell is published by Headline Review in hardback, ebook and audio format


About the Author

Author photo of Jill MansellJill Mansell has been writing Sunday Times bestsellers for over twenty years. Her hobbies include exploring the Cotswold and the south west of England, scouting for locations for future books, and discovering brilliant new restaurants along the way. She lives in Bristol with her family.

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