The Weekend Away by Sarah Alderson

A page-turning thriller that will have you questioning your friendships!


Orla is so excited about her weekend away with her old university friend. She’s left nine-month-old  Marlow in the capable hands of her husband, Rob, and is flying out to Lisbon to join Kate at an airb’n’b. She’s looking forward to a couple of days of sightseeing and shopping and girly chat, just like the old days.

But Kate, it seems, has other ideas. She wants to go clubbing, and the friends’ night goes badly wrong when she invites a couple of young men back to their apartment. Drunk and confused, Orla staggers off to bed. When she wakes in the morning with only a hazy recollection of the events of the previous evening, it’s to find Kate missing!

Alone in a strange city, with the police refusing to take her concerns seriously, Orla turns to Konstandin, the Kosovan Uber driver who dropped the friends at the nightclub the night before. Together the two set out to find out what has happened to Kate.

Then, suddenly, the police start taking an interest and Orla becomes a suspect in her friend’s disappearance! Can she discover the truth and clear her name? And when all the facts of that fateful night emerge, will her life ever be the same again?

This story is thrilling stuff! The twin themes of friendship and loyalty are tested to the limit as Orla discovers there is a lot more to Kate than she ever suspected. Subtle clues are there from the start, but they’re only just enough to keep you guessing deliciously as to just what is going on!

There’s suspense right from the beginning, too, and the action is fast-paced, but the author still allows us time to get to know all the characters – sophisticated Kate and down-to-earth Orla are both skilfully presented, convincing women. Konstandin comes to life before our eyes – a hero/anti-hero, sexy, flawed and maybe slightly dangerous. Could he know more than he is letting on about Kate’s disappearance?

And then there’s creepy Sebastian, owner of the airb’n’b. He might have something to do with it – he’s certainly always around when he’s not needed, but mysteriously absent when he is!

Not everyone is as they seem in this nail-biting tale. Only Orla remains a constant – but as she was so drunk on the night in question, can we even rely on her narrative?

One thing’s for sure – every time you think you know what is going on, there will be another twisty plot turn to leave you gasping and keep you page-turning.

Published by Avon in paperback, RRP £7.99. Also available in ebook and Audible format

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