Token by Beverley Kendall

Token by Beverley Kendall

Cover of Token showing beautiful black womanAn explosive romance with a thought-provoking message



I love a romance, and I love it even better if the story has depth, and challenges your thinking – I like to think about a book after I’ve come to the end.

Token delivers on this, and more.

So what’s it about?

Kennedy Mitchell is beautiful, smart, sassy and sexy. She is also a black woman in a white man’s world, overlooked until the men in suits need proof of their diversity.

Kennedy’s not playing their game. Instead she and her friend start their own PR Agency, Token, which aims to promote diversity and fairness in the workforce, limiting damage reputation to big companies by forcing them to confront their own prejudices.

Kennedy is used to dealing with scandal – but will she survive intact when her own past comes calling in the shape of her ex, Nate Vaughan?

The two have history and they also have great chemistry. That makes for an explosive romance set against themes of racism, classism, white privilege and misogyny, and saves the story from becoming completely issue-led.

After all, who can reflect on the world’s injustice when there is a rich, handsome and oh-so-passionate hero mixing you a virgin Mojito in his penthouse apartment?

Refusal to be a victim

Kennedy is a great character, and empathetic, I think, to women of all ages and colour. White readers may never have experienced the covert and overt racism she encounters, but her strong refusal to be a victim can resonate with all of us.

The title Token works on so many levels. Kennedy is a “token” black woman. Her relationship with Nate could be seen as “token” to a cynical outside world.

But Kennedy is also a token of hope that the world is changing thanks to people like her proving that “you’re no better than anyone else and no-one is better than you”.

She’s that rare find – a heroine with confidence, who owns her talent, owns her sexuality and owns her own place in the world, while retaining a vulnerability that makes her instantly sympathetic to the reader.

As the story progresses and tensions rise, she becomes ever more her own woman, until a shocking revelation sees her questioning all her achievements.

Well-paced, beautifully-plotted, written with humour and passion and strength, this story works as a romance and as a social commentary on the prides and prejudices of our modern world.


Cover of Token showing beautiful black woman

Token by Beverley Kendall is published by Simon & Schuster UK in paperback and ebook


Beverley Kendall AuthorAbout the Author

Beverley Kendall has lived on two continents, in three countries, two provinces, and four states. She stopped her nomadic existence and settled in the southeast with her young son. All things artistic feed her creative passion, but none more than writing. She loves interacting with readers.

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